About Us


DMV Africans was founded on April 25th, 2011 by a group of friends and has since begun to grow and make an impact on the community. DMV stands for District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia. The name was formed from the creators; all based in the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia area.

What started out as just a Twitter page to create unity among the various cultures and tribes all over Africa has begun to spread its way around the community, bringing along many supporters. 

Mission Statement: DMV Africans' mission is to provide direction, awareness and serenity amongst the youth of different parts of Africa through education, fellowship and union.

Objectives: Education, Fellowship, and Unity.

Our Goal

v Peace: In today's society, Africans tend to segregate themselves. We hope to break the walls of diversity and create unity among our fellow brothers and sisters. Our goal is to connect Africans in the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia and surrounding areas.

v  Know your culture: We want you to love your culture by giving information and fun facts about various African countries and how they've contributed to society. 

v  Information: We hope to inform individuals about events in Africa or relating to Africa; such as epidemics, news, new music, and government events. We're here to keep you up-to-date on all things African.

v  Events: We will also be the main source to know about African parties/cookouts/events happening in the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia and surrounding areas.

This is a MOVEMENT. We Are Africa.
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