Famine in the Horn of Africa

Imagine not knowing when your next meal will be. The drought in the Horn of Africa has turned into a famine; thousands of families are going without food and water. We can help them.

MY Africa is a Continent

Africa has been assumed to be a state — a single country — rather than the continent of 54 independent states, hundreds of nationalities, and thousands of languages that it is.

Recipes To Your Favorite African Foods

We have recipes to some of your favorite African foods. From finger foods to intricate soups, we've got you covered. Feel free to grab a pot and get to work!

The Latest in African Fashion At Your Fingertips

Fashionistas will melt at the beautiful African-inspired clothing lines and outfits. Pieces from both established and up-coming designers are at your disposal!

Our Music Is Unbeatable

We bring you the LATEST music straight from Africa! We also promote up-coming African musicians in the area. Turn up your volume and get ready to dance!

George Mason University: Knowledge of Africa

Azonto Madness Mixtape by DJ Smooth

DJ SMOOTH of FIVE STAR DJS & THE HOTTEST COALITION OF NIGERIANDJS teamed up with S&S Entertainment & Arik Airlines to drop the AZONTO MADNESS mixtape in celebration of GHANA @ 55. The mixtape features new and old hits of the Azonto Dance of Ghana. Enjoy & Share.

Click HERE to check out the AZONTO MADNESS Mixtape

Check out some of DJ Smooth's other mixtapes below:

WizKid: The Official Welcome Party

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