Made-2-Order Waist Beads by Iyabo

"I have been making myself waist beads for over 4 years now and many of my friends have asked for my personal ones along with me to make them some to match with their bathing suits, so now is the time. I will hand make you, your own waist beads to pair with your favorite bathing suits, to represent your sorority, as a gift for the woman in your life, for something to show off to the man in your life or if you just want them to bring out your inner beauty by getting them in your favorite colors.. "

They are cute, unique and trendy and I will customize them to fit your unique style and preference. I make them with elastic and a sealant so that the beads are able to be taken off easily when desired without popping.

Three easy steps with ordering your beads:

1. Let me know what color(s) you want.
2. Send me your waist size or the range you need it for i.e. size 8-10.
3. I will make them and ship them to you as soon as I am done making them.. 

*shipping time will vary depending on the #'s of orders I have at the time I confirm your order*



*Prices will vary depending on style pattern and if you want multiple beads.

*Discounts are given for the purchase of 2 or more beads and return customers.

All orders come with: Care instructions, item warranty, your custom made beads and a gift from me to you. 

Pricing Information (You can pay me through Paypal: my email address is

-1 waist bead (1 single color): 1 for $10... 2 for $15.. 3 for $25
-1 waist bead (2 different colors): 1 for $10.... 2 for $15...3 for $25 
-1 waist bead (3 different colors): 1 for $ 10.. 2 for $15.. 3 for $ 25

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  1. Thanks so much for your support DMV Africans.. I am so thankful you have the information for my beads here and customers have continuously bought from me because of it..



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