Kwabena Klassics

A collection of individually hand picked authentic wax prints from West Africa mixed with other fabrics of luxe to create one of a kind haute silhouettes for the modern day sophisticated and the Debonair fair individual hoping to make their own fashion statement.

This collection is all season conducive, suiting all occasion and also disprove the rather odd notion of what some had of African wax prints.

There are also accessories for both men and women ranging from neck ties,pocket squares,head bands and scarfs. With Kwabena there is always something to quench the wet appetite of yours,we help you leave behind a topic for discussion after you’ve made your entrance and also giving the best first impression you’ve always dared to give.

They also custom make all request by fusing your vision into a reality. From casuals, red carpet and even wedding gowns..

Visit Kwabena Klassic's site HERE

Sources: Photo Credit: Mireya Acierto | Models: Annick Martin & Shaya Ali
For More information on Kwabena Klassics please visit :

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