AdeWest Media

Full name. Age. Nationality. Residence
Olukayode Adeosun. 29 years old, Im 100% Nigerian! I reside in New Jersey.

Tell us what you do
I'm a Freelance Photographer. 

How long and how did you get into photography and film making? 
I originally went to school for Criminal Justice. And got my Bachelors in that but then while looking for jobs in my field of study, i picked up on Photography. It started off as a hobby. I would help some photographers shot here and there  but people started asking me to start my own brand. And so in April 2011, AdeWest Media came to life. 

Explain what your fascination of photography is all about
I have been taking pics for 2 years now under some photographers here and there but independently, for 2 years. The first time i took a picture, i was amazed and shocked as to how clear and crisp the picture came out. I felt like a kid who just discovered a new toy and i never put this "toy" down. Photography isn't just an art, its a way of is my life and i enjoy making people look good!

Which is the most memorable picture you've ever taken?
Every pic i have taken is very memorable to me. I'm very bad with faces but i tend not to forget the faces of people i took a pic of or filmed. But if i have to pic, it will have to be this . I remember it cos it was very cold and rainy and the wedding was shot outdoors and it took a lot getting a a good shot! Another picture i will definitely remember a lot is that of my lil niece. Every photographer will know that working with kids is very difficult and requires a lot but she loved the attenion i gave her and the pictures turned out great. The 3rd picture is that of the girl in the streets of manhattan. She didn't pose for the picture and i was basically walking and decided to show the effects of color contrast and the picture was indeed remarkable. The last one is my first celebrity pic and that was of Kelly Rowland which really made my day. So there you have it

What are your plans for the future?
As of now, i plan on taking AdeWest Media to the next level i.e., making it an international brand. There's a whole lot of competitors out there but i know that with God on my side and good marketing, it shouldn't be a problem. But my one big plan is in the works...wouldn't wanna count my chicken before the egg hatches lol!

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