Tembo Nzuri: The Dipo Ceremony of Ghana

In the south eastern section of Ghana when girls enter women hood they participate in the Dipo Ceremony. In the beginning of the ceremony the girls enter a ritual house where their heads are shaved and childhood clothing is removed. 
The next day,the girls go to a river and bathe with calabashes. The bathing is a form of purification that cleanses the body and spirit. 
Each girl is splashed with chalky white water to ward off any evil spirits. The girls also spend time with Klama; their mothers learning crafts and traditions of the Krobo women. They also learn the dance which they perform during the end of the ceremony. 
The girls are given beads that have been passed down in their families for many generations. They represent a family’s wealth and social status. Each type of bead has a name and significance. Blue koli beads, called ashbtu, meaning “something you love very much”, and are associated with affection and bodum tenderness. Yellow beads symbolize maturity and prosperity. The larger yellow beads known as beads are said to possess magical protective powers. White beads signify respect for the gods and ancestors when worn by priestesses.

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  1. what is the "tembo nzuri" part about? good elephant??


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