The Amhara People of Ethiopia

The Amhara people are mostly farmers who live in the north central highlands of Ethiopia. The Amhara, numbering about 23million, making up 30.1% of the country’s population according to the most recent 1994 census, are a Semitic people whose ancestors possibly came from what is modern-day Yemen. These people speak Amharic, the working language of the federal authorities of Ethiopia, and dominate the country’s political and economic life for many years.They are situated mainly in the central highland plateau of Ethiopia and embrace the major population in the provinces of:
• Begemder
• Gojjam
• In parts of Shoa
• Wallo
Many Amhara live in the mountains, politically strategic, but making it difficult to travel and gain provisions. The work division look like that the:
• men in the fields
• women around the house and
• children at home and watching the animals

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