Famine in the Horn of Africa

Imagine not knowing when your next meal will be. The drought in the Horn of Africa has turned into a famine; thousands of families are going without food and water. We can help them.

MY Africa is a Continent

Africa has been assumed to be a state — a single country — rather than the continent of 54 independent states, hundreds of nationalities, and thousands of languages that it is.

Recipes To Your Favorite African Foods

We have recipes to some of your favorite African foods. From finger foods to intricate soups, we've got you covered. Feel free to grab a pot and get to work!

The Latest in African Fashion At Your Fingertips

Fashionistas will melt at the beautiful African-inspired clothing lines and outfits. Pieces from both established and up-coming designers are at your disposal!

Our Music Is Unbeatable

We bring you the LATEST music straight from Africa! We also promote up-coming African musicians in the area. Turn up your volume and get ready to dance!

African Restaurant Of The Month- Kitchen Near You

Kitchen Near You is truly a dinner destination. Although this restaurant is fairly new, they serve great traditional-style Cameroonian/West African food: spicy meat or fish stew with a starch: rice, fried plantains ("dodo"), or fufu.  The selling point is the restaurant's decor, from the relaxed outdoor table setting to the ostentatious use of lights . However, be prepared for a long wait for your order. But when the food arrives, we guarantee that you will be eating the plate and the table. The menu is vast and diverse. 

Food rating: 3.5/5
Service rating: 2/5
Decor: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 3/5

5321 Ager Rd
Hyattsville, MD 20782
(301) 559-5999
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Sweet Tomato - Flavour N'abania

Flavour N'abania has done it again. Listen to his new hit from his album 'Blessed' check it out!

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An unexpected pregnancy throws Abigail out of school before she can take her final exams to graduate. Her first love Osita denies being responsible for the baby. However, several years later Osita reappears to reclaim his son.

Starring: Kate Henshaw, Emeka Ike, Clem Ohameze, Rita Nzelu, and Chioma Chukwuka

DJ Maga presents: Back To The Roots Part II

DJ Maga is back at it AGAIN with this amazing mixtape titled 'Back to the Roots: Part II'. 

DJ Maga is a fast-rising DJ from the DMV area and in this mixtape not only does he represent Africans, he also represents his Caribbean roots with amazing reggae, soca, and dancehall! Not to mention the hip-hop thrown in that had us out of our seats!

This is one of the best mixtapes we've heard this summer! 

Make sure you listen to the mixtape here
Make sure you download to the mixtape here

Miss Igbo USA 2013

We want to give a huge congratulations to our vice-president Lisa Onyekwere for winning the Miss Igbo USA 2013 pageant! 

We are extremely proud! We knew that you would kill the competition. Make us proud!
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